Aquarius Club business cards

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Business cards inside of the perforated, ticket shaped wrapper for Aquarius club, one of the major nightclubs in Croatia. They are specialized in organization of various concerts, DJ sets and club nights. Shape of the wrapper for their business cards came from the core of their business. Organization and clubbing is what they do and the ticket presents the value for each event. Every employee of the club (Club Director, Business Manager, Event Manager, Program Director etc.) has his own logo (just as the real bands / DJs do) on the ticket lookalike wrapper, which is used as the teaser only. For more realistic look, and the proof of value, wrappers have small hologram printed areas. Once the ticket is "used" and open, the business card inside is visible. Each business card has a QR code with meCard information of the person, and when it's scanned, the contact is put directly into the Address Book of your phone.